Thursday, May 9, 2013

Domains at War: You Want Gunpowder?

So I was talking to Tavis today about that ACKS Domains at War Kickstarter that's going on. "Does it work with low-magic settings?" Because wizards don't join armies fireballing people in LotFP, you know? I try to buy gaming stuff that I have a decent chance of using.

I was told they playtested historical battles. Cool.

Would gunpowder rules/units be included? (Because the forthcoming new LotFP Rules & Magic hardcover will have firearms rules in it, as my home campaign has for a long time.)

No, it doesn't presently have them included. But because I can't shut up, it might happen if you make it happen.

Use the link from that banner there to pledge to the Kickstarter. If pledges linked from this blog reach $4,250, there will be a PDF supplement for Domains at War covering  gunpowder weapons. But you have to leave a comment on the Kickstarter saying that LotFP sent you; the referral system isn't working perfectly for pledges made from the blog here so that's how Autarch is going to track which dollars come from here.

$7,500 gets the gunpowder rules included in the Domains at War books.

We're late in the game here, they've already collected over $20,000 and there's 9 days to go, but there it is.

So if you haven't gotten the ACKS game yet, or their Players Companion, now is the time to do it as you can get them as add-ons to this, boosting the $ amount. (I just gave a $120 head start on this.)

No word on what happens if you've already put money down and leave a comment now saying "I want gunpowder rules!" Try it. What else is LotFP other than a harbinger of chaos?