Friday, August 15, 2008

Look what I found.

Hmmm. Interesting what Google Alerts will let you know about. And I'd just sent my revised manuscript this past Monday!

I guess if you want the original printing (only 4,50€ (about $7), Paypal does the currency conversion for you), including shipping and a pdf copy, you'd better act quick, because if distributors are getting solicitations from Goodman Games, I think I'm going to get the word to stop selling my version awfully soon.

My version: Digest-sized, raw and uncensored, homemade, available only from me, right now, not for much longer.

Goodman Games version: Full-sized, professionally printed and edited, profanity and nudity (presumably, I haven't seen the new artwork but somehow I doubt the art will be as devil-may-care as my printing) and edition-wars free (rewritten introduction), available from everywhere that Goodman Games products are sold.