Thursday, August 21, 2008

From the Master

"In all cases, however, the reader should understand that AD&D is designed to be an amusing and diverting pastime, something which can fill a few hours or consume endless days, as the participants desire, but in no case something to be taken too seriously."

- Gary Gygax, DMG p. 9

"You, as the Dungeon Master, are about to embark on a new career, that of universe maker. You will order the universe and direct the activities in each game, becoming one of the elite group of campaign referees referred to as DMs in the vernacular of AD&D. What lies ahead will require the use of all your skill, put a strain on your imagination, bring your creativity to the fore, test your patience, and exhaust your free time. Being a DM is no matter to be taken lightly!"

- Gary Gygax, DMG p. 86

"The format of this book is simple and straightforward."

- Gary Gygax, DMG p. 9

Clearly, insanity and genius are inseparable.

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