Friday, January 2, 2015

You Want A Red & Pleasant Land? Don't Wait Too Long...!

In the first 30 days its been available, LotFP has sold over 1100 copies of A Red & Pleasant Land. 20 copies already in 2015.

We have 789 copies remaining that are available for direct sale. Remember that when we hit conventions (GothCon, NordCon, RopeCon, and the UK Games Expo happen the first half of the year) that number can dip by 20-30 at once if demand keeps up (and I will hold some copies back for those conventions if supplies get too low).

988 additional copies are on the slow boat heading for retail distribution and they'll start hitting stores probably in early/mid-March. Do you have a store near you? Do they carry LotFP stuff? Enough copies that some other idiot from your town isn't going to grab it from the shelf first? hmmmm?

And as much as this will annoy Zak to hear it, when we run out we won't reprint right away, whether it takes 4 months or 4 years to sell through. I'll let demand bubble and burble for a year or two while releasing all the brand new works to blow the gaming world's mind. And the second edition isn't going to have the cloth covers or embossing, either.

There are certainly enough copies that you don't have to worry about them running out tomorrow. The day after tomorrow though? You may have to do some serious hunting.

So get it while you can.