Monday, December 10, 2012

Tales of the Scarecrow PDF Now Available!

If you contributed to both the LotFP Hardcover and any of the July Adventure crowdfunding things, you should have gotten an email with a free link to Tales of the Scarecrow. Let me know if you haven't.

For everyone else, Tales of the Scarecrow is available in PDF right now! Buy it here. It'll be up at the LotFP store and other outlets soon.

The print version will be available when all the crowdfunding stuff ships. Copies will be very limited.

Now I know that those of you who were in for the Monolith/God crowdfunding were promised an Early Modern sourcebook. Good news is you're going to get it, and it's being done right. New cover art by Lane Brown has been done and Rich Longmore is in the middle of 15 new pages of art for it, with samples below. So it'll be more than a 16 page supplement. :D