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Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is What 600 Sets of Dice Look Like

They arrived! I got them from Dice & Games Limited.

I now need to find 600 appropriately-sized griplock baggies, and at that point sorting can begin.

They aren't your usual dice though. A size comparison between the new dice and one of the normal sets in my dice bag:

ha ha, fooled you! Those solid blue ones are jumbo dice! Nah, here's a real comparison between the dice that will be in the box set and a set of normal dice.

The small size of the dice saved me a bundle in both the cost of the dice and the shipping from the UK. And I get to have the dice included in my box and it's not impossible that it's a set unlike any in an experienced gamer's dicebag. And I might be able to shave a centimeter or so off the box thickness, which will save some money. And when I save money, you'll save money, since I formulate my profit margin and wholesale prices and retail prices based on my actual costs.

And they take up surprisingly little space, even all boxed together.

I'm a happy man today!

In other news, work is progressing nicely on the Spells and Magic booklet cover. I think the final concept is nailed down and I might have something to show you real soon. Personal issues prevented me from working as much as I should have on the rules this week, so I might not have the new upload ready tomorrow, but I have had the opportunity to really dig in and make a really good outline for the Referee booklet.

The Referee booklet is going to be rules-free, really, just being a collection of techniques, processes, and advice, covering everything from the basics to advanced campaign construction. This is the sort of thing that I really start rambling with in blog posts, so a tight outline is the first step to making sure the rambling and tangents are kept to a minimum for this all-important project.

As far as the rules, I had an epiphany of the obvious the other day (kind of like I just noticed last night, after living in this apartment for 14 months now, that the outer blanket on the bed has doggies on it). I'm not a rules minimalist by any means, but there comes a point where I'm looking at these big clever charts I've made and I just say "What in the hell am I thinking?"

Clear example:

I think encumbrance and movement rules are important. Particularly when it comes to overland travel and determining trip times. If they are important, then factors that affect movement overland are important too. Terrain and weather, namely.

But then I sat there and was coming up with weather generation tables. Not so very complicated, but after fiddling with it, I realized it was a complete waste of time. Knowing how weather affects travel, yes, I think that should be there. Detailing how to determine the weather in the first place? Unnecessary!

So I'll need to make another pass: Only player-facing issues should be actual rules in the first place. Let supplemental material fill in the Referee-aid issues like weather generation.

What else has been happening lately? I'm pricing hard drive backup systems. Any recommendations? It occurs to me that with various work items being done daily, and this being a job and all, it would be right inconvenient for this hard drive to go ptbtbtbbt. Need to take precautions, but I'm not vigilant enough to manually back things up every frickin night (or week). Of course now that I say all this out loud it'll take a dive tonight.

I also finished a couple of Arthur Conan Doyle's Challenger stories. The Lost World was decent, but The Poison Belt was rather predictable (although if it was so in 1914, I couldn't say). There are a few more stories to go in that collection, then I need to decide between Dumas' Three Musketeers and Arabian Nights (neither of which I've read before). Also, after watching some of the newer (corrupted) Miss Marple TV movies, I found a good collection of Christie's Marple books, in English, at a used book store today (never read any of those either).

Apparently my order for Vol 3 of the Clark Ashton Smith collection by Nightshade Books got canceled. Damned Amazon third party vendors! I knew that price for a new copy was too good to be true...