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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fight On! #4 Duvan'Ku Supplement

In Fight On! #4, I have three articles: The Tower adventure, The Dread Sorceries of Duvan'Ku selection of new spells, and Fell Magick Items of Duvan'Ku detailing... magic items!

For whatever reason (space concerns, editor's brain sucked out by a mind flayer, pressure from Jack Chick and Pat Pulling, or maybe they just plain sucked) a few spells and a number of magic items were cut from the final articles.

Download those orphans here.

(And I'm looking for feedback on the articles themselves here.)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quiet Days...

... compiling the source databases that I'll use for The Treatise of Ensorcelled and Occult Primeval Accoutrements for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Games And Their Modern Simulacra. This will be slow going as there are over 3500 pages of material to mine for individual magical effects. I've gotten through 75 pages so far today. This is going to be a long month.

This project will have to end up with far more pages than the Creature Generator, although I'm hoping to keep it under 100. It won't be able to be saddle-stitched, so it'll have to be perfect bound (great, I'll have to learn rudimentary graphic design to not screw the cover and spine up). Add in the increased mailing costs for such a beast of a book, and this is probably going to be in the neighborhood of 10-13€ depending on how things turn out. Too soon to tell for sure, but it is my intention for this thing to be comprehensive, delivering both consistently "ourfavoritegamishly" flavored magic items without really duplicating any that are in the book.

The idea is that every item is unique and an artifact, no matter how minor-powered the thing is. I'm sure nobody will use it as-is for all of their campaign's magic items, but I also bet that anyone that gets it will use it sometimes.

The production costs of this thing mean there's really not going to be any art. I'm looking at maybe 500-750€ in terms of printing and mailing I need to do before this would go on sale. That's quite a healthy chunk of change for someone that's unemployed and technically (as in, I have a roof over my head but it's not my address) homeless. So I'm certainly not paying somebody to draw pictures of swords and wands and crap, and clip art is just way too chintzy.

However, with the other costs associated, for the first time putting color artwork on the cover. This thing can look professional. But... you know... there's the no money thing. Unless someone wants to offer to do it for free. :P

But we'll see how that goes. I'm giving myself this month to compile and write this thing, because after the holidays it's get a job or starve.

You bastards all better buy this magic item thing when it comes out. ;)

Undecided as to what "brand" I'll go with for release. I could just OGL it (because it's all magic and spells and such, I don't think I could get away with not doing an OGL this time), but I think doing it for OSRIC or Swords & Wizardry or Labyrinth Lord would help sales without changing a word of the product. I wonder if there's any rule keeping it from being from all three... every item in here will work just as easily with one as another. But I have a long way to go before that's ready, and a month is a long time to keep focus. With my luck the Insect Shrine stuff will all come in during this month and I'll have to break this concentration to get that out the damn door. Wouldn't that be just my luck?

I've submitted my Duvan'Ku material to Fight On! for their next issue. With all the other stuff on my plate it's just not a project I'm going to realistically develop in the near future. It's a small batch of magic spells, magic items, and an adventure. I'm still waiting to hear back as far as suitability (it's a horror theme and in places fairly explicit), but I'm hoping we can iron out any problems that may arise. Aino and Laura have agreed to contribute companion artwork so crossing fingers that there can be a healthy little section involving the whole LotFP crew coming out later in the winter under the Fight On! banner. If it gets a response maybe Duvan'Ku material can be a regular thing I submit to them.

(aren't I going to look like crap now if they come back saying that it's not such a great fit for their mag... :P)

But for right now... this damn magic item book is going to kill me. There's just no organizing it, and as I collect the raw data... ay ay ay I will end up going batshit insane.